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About Manaviki

Manaviki ISSN 0975-7880 (Print)
An International Peer Reviewed and Refereed Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

An International Peer Reviewed and Refereed Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, published by Society for Education & Social Welfare Varanasi and IN ASSOCIATION WITH K.R. PUBLISHERS AND DISTRIBUTORS, which aims to create a forum to promote the development of new researches in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. Articles to be published in each issue will be based on original research and bring out new facts and provide fresh interpretation of data. The journal invites only those research papers / articles which assist and help bring a sound academic interest for new researches as well encourage scholarly response from the academic intelligentsia.

The major aim is rapidly report the most recent developments in the research by the academician and students accepts papers on the following aspects related to Arts, Social, law, Management, Commerce etc. We also encourage papers that cover all other areas of knowledge as well as basic research.

Our Mission

The role of academic journals is to exhibit the scientific levels of a country, a university, a center, a department, and even a scientist, and build an important bridge for communication between researchers and the public. As we all know, the significance of the publication of scientific and non scientific articles lies not only in disseminating and communicating innovative achievements and academic views, as well as promoting the application of research achievements, but also in formally recognizing the "priority" and "copyright" of innovative achievements published, as well as evaluating research performance and academic levels. So, to realize these desired attributes of Manaviki Journal and create a well-recognized journal. The maximization of personal benefits refers to the pursuit of the maximum personal benefits in a well-considered optimal manner without violation of the laws, ethical rules and the benefits of others.

The biggest advantage of the OA model is that it provides free, full-text articles in PDF and other formats for experts and the public without registration, which eliminates the obstacle that traditional journals possess and usually delays the speed of the propagation and communication of scientific research results. The open access model has been proven to be a true approach that may achieve the ultimate goal of the journals, i.e. the maximization of the value to the readers, authors, libraries, colleges, universities and society.


Journal Title (In English) : MANAVIKI

Journal Title (In Regional/Local Language) : मानविकि




ISSN : 0975-7880

UGC JOURNAL No : 42515

IIJF Impact Factor : 3.097

Regd. No : 600/2009-10

SUBJECT DETAILS : Humanities & Social Science