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Manaviki ISSN 0975-7880 (Print)
An International Peer Reviewed and Refereed Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

DR. RAVINDRA NATH SINGH is a Professor in the Department of AIHC & Archaeology, BHU, Varanasi. His specialization is in the area of Field Archaeology, Archaeological Sciences especially Metals & Glass. He is recipient of five international fellowships including UGC’s Indo-Soviet Cultural Exchange Fellowship,1986-87 (Moscow), The Nehru Trust Fellowship, 1994-95 (London), The Royal Society/INSA Fellowship, 2000-2001 (Cambridge), Smuts Commonwealth Fellowship, 2009-2010 (Cambridge) and Cambridge-Hamied Fellowship, 2019 (Cambridge). Dr. Singh has also visited several other countries for Seminars/Trainings including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, USSR, France, China, Israel, Norway, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Belgium, Romania, etc. In addition to three monographs, more than Two Hundred research papers published in National & International journals. He is also Chief Editor of Mānavakῑ- A Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences and a Member of Editorial Board of the Departmental Journal Bhāratῑ. Besides, his interest in archaeological sciences, he has regularly active in Field Archaeology also and worked on the archaeological geography. In addition to several exploration works, he directed Excavations at Semar Sadhopur, Alamgirpur, Bulandkhera (Uttar Pradesh); Masudpur, Bahola, Burj, Khanak, Lohari Ragho (Haryana); Dabli Vas Chugta and Ganeshwar (Rajasthan). He has been engaged in Collaborative Project in Archaeology with the University of Cambridge since 2007 including: UK India Education and Research Initiative-UKIERI (2007-2012), The British Academy (2012-2015), European Research Council (2015-2020) and DST-UKIERI (British Council) (2017-2020). Prof. Singh has been a member of academic bodies in India and abroad including Hon’ble Research Associate McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge. Prof. Singh has also worked as Deputy Coordinator, CAS Programme of the Department and also Indian Cultural Studies Centre, BHU.

Name : Prof. Ravindra N. Singh

ADDRESS : Dept of AIHC & Archaeology BHU, Varanasi-221005.


DR. VIKAS KUMAR SINGH is an Assistant Professor in the Department of AIHC & Archaeology, BHU, Varanasi. He started his career an Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc) in the Department of History, Bhagini Nivedita College, University of Delhi in 2013, later on joined Department of AIHC & Archaeology, DAV PG College (Admitted to the privilege of BHU) in 2014 and then joined Department of AIHC & Archaeology, BHU in 2016. His field of specialization is Archaeology, History of Science & Technology and Ancient Indian Political History. He was awarded BHU Gold Medal & Govt. Of India National Scholarship for standing first in UG Exam (AIHC & Arch., BHU) and stood first in PG Exam (AIHC & Arch., BHU). He has one book and about twenty research papers in reputed journals to his credit. Besides, he has participated in various International & National Seminars & Conferences and recently, he has been deputed by the University to attend 24th International Conference of the European Association for South Asian Archaeology and Art (EASAA) at Naples, Italy. Presently, he is running a research project awarded by Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi, entitled “Pathways and Highways of the Karmanasa Valley with special reference to its Archaeology and Ancient Routes”. Apart from teaching and research, he is engage in field archaeology and conducted excavation at Sakas, Sasaram (Bihar) in 2019.

Name : Dr. Vikas Kr. Singh

ADDRESS : Dept of AIHC & Archaeology BHU, Varanasi-221005.

DR. AMIT KUMAR UPADHYAY is an Assistant Professor in the department of AIHC & Archaeology, BHU, Varanasi. He has been teaching History and Archaeology since 2011 and Joined BHU in July, 2016. He specializes in Numismatics, Economic History, Epigraphy and Northeastern studies. Dr. Upadhyay did his Undergraduate and Post-graduate from the same department in 2005 and 2007 respectively securing first position in both and claiming the ‘BHU prize’ and ‘Altekar Gold Medal’. He also awarded Govt. of India National Scholarship for the same. He completed his Ph.d on ‘Gods and Goddesses in Post-gupta period’ from BHU in 2010 for which he received junior and senior research fellowship for UGC, New Delhi. Before joining in BHU he served as Assistant Professor and founder Teacher-In-Charge of the Department of History and Archaeology, NEHU, Tura Campus where he worked in different capacities like member of University Court, Academic Council and Board of studies of various departments etc. He also worked as the Chairman of Board of Post-graduation Studies in History and Archaeology from 2012 to 2016. Aside from his teaching experience he has been the Joint Secretary of the Numismatic Society of India since 2014 and founder chairman of the Society of Education and Social Welfare since 2009. He also worked as the Programme officer, NSS, BHU from 2016 to 2019. He has 19 publications in reputed journals and 2 authored books and has presented papers in about 30 international and national seminars. He has also organized 8 National seminars. Recently, he has compiled the five mega volume on writings of Prof. A. K. Narain. Concurrently, he is working as the Editor of the Journal of the Numismatic Society of India and Manavaki- A Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Name : Dr. Amit Kumar Upadhyay

ADDRESS : Dept of AIHC & Archaeology BHU, Varanasi-221005.

Niraj Mishra, Editor is an Assistant Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India, Patna. He has become an Expert in Archaeology and an opinion leader in the field of writing.